Roof Leaks
Roof Leaks are the most common roofing problems. No matter what type of roof you have, once a leak compromises, all you can do is fix it right away to minimize the damage. Roof leaks can cause severe water damage in a short time. That is why it's essential to detect them on time and make necessary repairs and clean up.
Pooled Water
Ponding water isn't an immediate threat. But when not paid attention, it can lead to accelerated aging of the roof membrane. This particular damage is typical to flat roofs or those roofs that have improperly installed drains or scuppers. Our roofing contractors in Mount Prospect can provide a quick solution to keep any roof free from water damage.
Punctures and Holes
Woodpecker, foot traffic, contractors walking over the shingles can cause damage to your roof. Punctures and Holes can be built up over the years and can affect the underlying wood exposed, causing rot-causing moisture. This can cause the wood or board to detach from the more massive structure.
Cracking and Blistering
Cracking and blistering are two common problems in membrane roofing systems. Blistering causes bubbles to form underneath the roof's membrane and could also result in cracks. Cracking could also be a sign that your roof is aging. If left untreated, the problem could worsen. Sunlight, ice, and the weather will cause new cracks to appear while widening the existing gaps.
Snow and Ice Damage
During winter, snow freezes and creates wreaking havoc on your roof. When it melts, the water could seep into the holes in your roof. Older roofs may not be able to support heavy snow and ice. This could cause a sagging roofline, and that is a clear indication of roof damage. To avoid this problem, schedule a routine spring and fall maintenance. Our roofers in Mount Prospect offer regular cleaning and inspection to ensure that your roof is ready for any season.
Poor Installation
There are a lot of roofing companies that offer cheap installation. However, choosing an inexperienced or poorly qualified roofing contractor can cost you a lot. It takes a year to detect roofing problems, but once you notice it, it might be late for a quick fix and may need an entire roof replacement.

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