What is the average cost for roof replacement in Mount Prospect?

How much does a roof replacement cost? Well, the shortest answer, that roofing contractors Mount Prospect, IL will give you is, it depends. However true, it isn’t very informative, so we are going to elaborate a bit on the subject. As any contractor from roofing companies Mount Prospect will tell you, total roof replacement cost consists of materials, waste percentage, shipping and labor (the last one being usually the most expensive part of the whole undertaking). When it comes to roof covering materials, each of them comes with completely different price tag.

Deciding on plain asphalt shingles you can pay your roofing contractors Mount Prospect somewhere between 2,000$ and 8,500$, depending on the size and complexity of the roof. Metal roof can cost you anything between 5,000$ to almost 40,000$ with the same caveats as in case of asphalt shingles and type of metal chosen. However, the most pricey covering is slate. For 2,000 sq. ft. roof, you can pay even as much 84,000$. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you how much exactly your roof would cost. The best way to learn that is by asking at least tree roofing companies Mount Prospect, IL for a free quote and compare results.

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